family mini sessions | fall 2012

October 1, 2012

it’s that time of year… well, at least in the photography world, holiday planning begins before trick or treating!

my mini sessions this year will be a 20-30 minute session,

includes an online gallery of 10-15 image previews

and one (awesome) digital image for your holiday cards

for $150

additional digital images and prints can be purchased after viewing the images.

apple orchard sessions:
saturday 10/20 4-6 pm

avila beach sessions:
saturday 10/27 and sunday 10/28

please contact me! call, email or use the contact form above :)

elysha | avila beach senior session

October 1, 2012

i met up with elysha and her friend kristine on a gorgeous afternoon in avila. these girls had the biggest, most genuine and beautiful smiles… makes a photographer’s job sooo easy!

kristine | avila senior session

October 1, 2012

brenda & patrick | avila beach maternity session

May 13, 2012

brenda is a good friend, a new neighbor, and waiting on the arrival of her first little girl in just about two weeks (doesn’t she look fabulous???)

my project 10 | january

January 9, 2012

last day of a beautiful, luxurious winter break (that felt more like summer than summer vacation did.)

letting the light in
snuggles (my fave!)
girly hair
such silliness (learned to animate a .gif for this…)
chalk love
sun + calculus
little biker
making pizza
vacay homework

i share this wonderful personal project with a lovely group of photographers… follow through to nancy lary’s blog (she’s rad) to see her project 10 for january.

december beach day | my family

December 29, 2011

i’m admittedly awful about documenting my own family with any regularity. i took 10 pictures on christmas morning. my camera was within arms reach for most of the day and i never felt particularly inspired to pick it up.

sometimes i feel like those special days are cemented in our childhood memories without photographs or video anyway, but days like this lazy afternoon at the beach are what i love to document. logan simply requested to go to the beach with the big hill (near the pier in pismo where the tide pushes the sand up against the retaining wall). it’s week two of our three week winter break, weather is summer-like, and it was the perfect family afternoon. no agenda. just girls exploring and me snapping away at what i found beautiful.

(taken with kodak 400 BW color negative film. 20-35mm lens.)

10 on 10 | december

December 10, 2011

third installment (that should be the fifth, but oh well!) of my personal project… documenting our beautiful, messy daily life. since we’re back to school full-time, my ‘day’ has been documented in the sweet few hours remaining to spend with family before bedtime each night.  i’m splitting the difference here with 7 moments captured with 12 images… i just couldn’t get 10 images to work out quite right this time :)

  • resting after school
  • the crafty mess
  • christmas everywhere
  • busy while dinner cooks
  • so many missing teeth (& crazy!)
  • bathtime
  • nighty night

as always, i’m doing this project with a group of wonderful photographers. please click through to see jayme franklin’s 10-on-10 project this month.

10 on 10 | october

October 10, 2011

i’ve joined a group of 10 photographers with a monthly project to document real life… as photographers, we often get caught up in the perfect portrait and forget the beauty of every day stuff. while the original format of 10-on-10 is to post 10 images taken over the course of 10 days on the 10th of each month, i haven’t quite managed that goal just yet. first, i’m a master procrastinator, so i continue to put off the day i’m planning to work on this project, until it’s simply too late. as i mentioned in august (yep, i’m such a procrastinator that i missed the september edition) i’m using a film camera for personal/family images, so this set is from a recent day at the beach with my girlies. october is almost always our best beach weather of the year, so this is fitting :)

the little one – in a dress and hat because there’s about 0.000001% chance she’ll go in the water…

the big one – fearless and loves the ocean, in her swimsuit the minute we mention the beach (and check out those ridiculously loose top teeth… they’re just dying to fall out!)

love notes in the sand – big one writes ‘i love you mom’

mr. johnson :)

pretty sure this girl created her own dance circle at the beach:

love this spinning hair:

little one intent on drawing squiggles in the sand:

and continuing the squiggles with her toes (and the fact that the negative is a bit off on the left makes me kind of happy)

big one and i went to explore the tide pools

head on over to jayme franklin’s blog to see her 10 on 10 images for the month!

alexis | arroyo grande senior session

August 18, 2011

kelly | san luis obispo senior session

August 15, 2011

hi! thanks for stopping by...

jasmine johnson photography is all about you. i want to document how your family interacts together. capture who your kids are at this moment just as much as what they look like today.

our session will be fun and interactive. we'll explore an outdoor location, act silly, tell jokes, look fabulous (well, you will. i'll get dirty to get the best angle and probably trip over something at one point) and generally have a good time. it won't hurt, i promise!

please take a look around to get a better idea of what a session with me will be like. you'll find pricing information, galleries of some of my favorite images, and browsing through the blog will simply help you get to know me better. then use the contact form to get in touch with me! i look forward to talking with you about your session :)